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Have a donkey kick you in the teeth, or have your team lose the Super Bowl. It's really a toss up. 

If you're anything like me, while watching the 49ers final possession in Super Bowl XLVII, you thought, "Why on earth are the Niners, one of the NFL's most potent rushing attacks, NOT running the ball when a world championship is on the line? WHY would they put the ball in the hands of a young quarterback making his 10th career start while leaving Frank Gore aimlessly searching for something to do in the back field??" 

So in an effort to ease the shocking and still surging pain, I did a little research. 

In 77 goal-to-go plays through the 2012 season, the Niners ran the ball 49 times, or 64%. Not shockingly, Frank Gore got the bulk of the load and had success! He scored 9 TDs on 23 carries. Colin Kaepernick rushed 11 times for 3 TDs, Anthony Dixon had 5 carries for 2 TDs and Kendall Hunter was the other rusher to score. 1 TD on 6 carries. Bruce Miller and LaMichael James had rushes (1 and 3 respectively) but no touchdowns. 

So Gore, the guy who had the most experience, nearly a 40% success rate in goal-to-go carries, had 2 carries for 41 yards in the final drive of Super Bowl XLVII, was not offered another carry the rest of the game. 

Instead, the Niners coaching staff decided a second-year quarterback who had completed only 8 of 18 passes in goal-to-go situations all season (5 TD, 1 INT) was the best shot at scoring the winning touchdown. 

I say, had Frank Gore gotten ONE MORE CARRY... The Niners would still be undefeated in Super Bowl appearances and be tied with the Steelers for the most rings in the NFL. 

And so, my campaign begins. #OneMoreForGore ... as a testimony to old school football. While I love Colin Kaepernick's potential and agree he can make throws Alex Smith wouldn't attempt and can cause a defense to down cases of Pepto because of his legs, I also believe the way to win a championship hasn't changed. #OneMoreForGore is a cry to restore the relevance of running backs and a mantra for those who recognize that while soft rules and obscenely talented quarterbacks have made the passing game more compelling, to win championships, a team HAS to run the ball.

Whether you're a Niners fan or not, if YOU want to support the plight of old-fashioned football, do so with YOUR very own #OneMoreForGore T-shirt!

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